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Welcome to In Their Clothes, the Internet’s best website for all things related to celebrity fashion. If you love clothes and you are constantly watching for the latest trends to hit the red carpet, you will feel right at home here. We’ll give you the scoop on the latest celebrity fashions. From Kim Kardashian’s latest look to style icons like Jennifer Alba and Kate Hudson, we’ll cover it all and dish about what styles work and which ones don’t. Even better, we’ll show you how to take the style of your favorite celebrity and turn it into something workable in your own wardrobe!

Halo Cigs and Other Tips for Mimicking Celebrity Fashion

One of the interesting things about celebrities is that we all want to look just like them. While most of us aren’t willing to undergo plastic surgery or ridiculous workout routines just so we look like our favorite Hollywood celebrity, we are willing to borrow their fashion sense. When it comes to mimicking celebrity fashion there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

Stick to a Few Basic Pieces

Chances are pretty good that whenever you see your favorite celebrity, it seems like they’re wearing a completely different outfit. While it would be nice to have something new to wear every single day, for most of us that’s just not an option.

What you want to do is study your favorite celeb’s style a few times and identify what pieces seem to make up the base of their outfit. Once you’ve determined this, you can buy something similar for yourself, and then build the rest of your look around it using accessories. Once you’ve found a few basic pieces you really like, it’s important that you keep them in the best of care.

You Don’t Have to Spend a Fortune

It’s hard to say just how much money celebrities actually spend on their clothing. When bought of the rack, even some of the t-shirts and jeans they wear can cost several hundred dollars. That’s more than most of us can afford to spend on clothing. The good news is that there is a solution. All you have to do is visit discount retail stores and thrift shops and purchase items similar to the ones you’ve seen your favorite celeb wear. You’ll have a similar look but at a fraction of the cost.

Purchase Quality

While you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on your wardrobe, you also want to make sure you buy decent quality clothing. Spending a few bucks more on a shirt or pair of jeans usually means that they will last a little longer than the cheap product. You’re also going to find that when you purchase good quality clothing, it seems to fit you a little better than the cheap stuff.

Trade Tobacco for Halo Cigs

One celebrity fashion trait that has been taking Hollywood and the rest of the world by storm is the trend of using electronic cigarettes. If you’re a smoker, this is something you should consider doing as well. Your lungs will thank you.

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Halo Cigs are stylish and very affordable. Once you’ve tried them, you’ll never want to smoke another tobacco cigarette again.

A Look at the Hottest Celebrity Make Up Trends

When it comes to mimicking your favorite celebrity’s makeup, you should really stick to the looks that they use during interviews and in the candid shots of them shopping or getting a cup of coffee. The makeup they put on for the red carpet looks good at the time, but when not paired with the dress and the shoes it can be way too much for the average person to pull off. Stick to a natural look that looks great in all settings. You can always go from the dressed up glamorous look at special events or when you go clubbing.

Even though you don’t have the same budget your favorite celeb enjoys, you should stay away from the really cheap makeup. Not only don’t the low quality makeups last long, they don’t spread as evenly as the higher priced options. The rule of thumb is to stick to a nice middle of the road price. You can save money by keeping your eyes open for cosmetic sales and only using a minimal amount.

Don’t worry about using the same shades as your favorite celebs. The odds of your complexion being a perfect match with theirs is slim, choose a shade that looks best on you and focus on their application techniques. Getting the eyes right tends to be the hardest. If you can’t seem to get it yourself, ask a friend or beauty expert for help.

Don’t forget that the makeup the celebrities use is just one or the reasons they look so great. When they’re not in front of the camera they work hard to take care of their skin. In addition to using plenty of moisturizers and toners, they also apply plenty of sunscreen and drink lots of water. You need to do the same thing.

Celeb Fashion for the Pregnant Woman

These days it seems like every single celeb is pregnant. The good news about the celebrity baby boom is that for the first time, women all over the world are getting tips on how to still look great even after you’re baby bump has become impossible to conceal. The current trend is to be proud of your baby bump, which will be easier once you’ve learned the best way to dress it up.

If you’re pregnant and want to know what to do about your baby bump, the best advice is to look for a celeb that’s a few months further along than you and study how they’re dressing. This works best if you stick to a celeb whose non-pregnant fashion sense suited your personal style.

Celebrity fashion experts advise not trying to hide your changing figure, but to also not try dressing it up in tight clothing. They advise side ruched tops, jeans that fit properly, comfortable foot wear, and layers. In addition to wearing a chunky necklace and large earrings, it will help balance your figure. A large handbag can also help balance your baby bump and make you feel less conscious of it.

Once you’ve gotten over your morning sickness your face will take on a natural glow. You want to take advantage of this. Stick to makeup that is naturally hued and only wear a bare minimum.

Don’t be afraid to step into the maternity clothing sections and browse. Fashion designers are working overtime to come up with looks that allow pregnant women to feel beautiful, trendy and comfortable. You’ll love your maternity clothes so much, you’ll hate packing them away post baby.

Celeb Fashion for the Older Woman

When it comes to fashion choices for the older woman, you can still turn to celebs for advice, just be careful about the ones you choose to emulate. Ignore the choices made by celebs like Demi Moore who are clearly trying to stay as young as they can for as long as possible. And as adorable as Dolly Parton is, you need to realize that she’s one of a kind, very few women in her age group can pull of short skirts and tight tops with her charm. When looking for a celeb to mimic stick to Reba, Helen Mirren, Judy Denche, and other well dressed women who are enjoying their golden years. They’re not going to a few wrinkles a more filled out figure slow them down and you shouldn’t either.

When it comes to makeup, you want to throw away your bright colors and settle for a natural palette. Your complexion has faded and the bright colors will actually make you look older. At this point in your life, you’re going to find you need to use a lighter hand when applying the your daily makeup.

You really shouldn’t wear tight tops and skinny jeans any more, not even if you have held onto your trim figure. Instead of the tight clothing favored by today’s youth, you should stick to nicely tailored choices. Dress for comfort and don’t be afraid to layer.

The celebrities who have aged gracefully all have one thing in common, they’re not fighting their advancing years, but actually seem to enjoy them. Allow yourself to relax and have fun. That, more than anything else, will make you stunning.

Mimicking Celeb Fashion at a Reasonable Rate

When it comes to celeb fashion, its okay to want to swipe the fashion looks that one star uses, and try to make them your own. However, there’s nothing that states you have to break the bank doing so. There’s lots of ways you can mimic your favorite celeb style without having to break the bank. The trick is to know where to shop, what to look for, and to develop your very own understanding of fashion and style.

There’s lots of website dedicated to taking a particular snapshot of a star and picking it apart. They will than take every single item worn in the snap shot and try to find a near perfect match at a reasonable price. You will want to haunt these websites and take advantage of them. After you’ve mimicked the star’s look a few times, you’ll start to get a real feel for how they choose items. Once you’ve reached this point you’ll be able to look for ways you can match their look without the help of the website.

Unlike the stars who try to reuse their clothing as little as possible, there’s nothing wrong with wearing the same thing over and over again. Adding a few high quality, stylish, neutral items allows you to get creative with some of the other items you’ve already purchased. After a while you will be able to take something your favorite celeb wore and give it your own unique flair.

Box store clearance racks and thrift stores need to become your favorite shopping sites. You’ll be amazed by the great, celebrity inspired items you can find at really low prices.

Things to Consider When Mimicking Celebrity Fashion

Americans have always loved celebrities. They go to Hollywood with the hope that they will spot their favorite movie star, by maps to the stars so they can see how the famous live, and spend hours debating the choices celebrities make about diets, boyfriends, and political stances. Right now, Americans, both male and female, have fallen in love with celebrity fashion. It’s never been easier to mimic your favorite celeb and eventually use their sense of style to create one of your own.

The love of celebrity fashion was what caused the Hollywood Bling Gang to break into the homes of various stars and steal thousands of dollars’ worth of clothing and jewelry.

Most of us don’t feel like stealing the clothes out of your favorite star’s closet, but we love trying to find clothing that mimics their style.

Just because you love the way a star dresses, it doesn’t automatically mean you should emulate their look. If you have curves like Kim Kardashin you won’t look good in the items Lindsay Lohan loves. You need to stop and think about how you’re shaped and choose a star with a similar body type.

Another thing you need to stop and consider will be your coloring. While you might be able to pull of the hair, makeup, and clothing style your favorite star wears, make sure you choose shades best suited for your complexion.

You need to be practical. Not only will your budget be a factor, but your lifestyle also needs to be considered. If you’re on your feet all day, the shockingly high heels favored by some starlets won’t be suitable. Your clothing should be both attractive and practical.